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Hope’s Story

   I never really understood mental illness or thought it would affect my family. I had no problem feeling compassion for people with physical ailments but truly believed people experiencing depression, anxiety or other mental illnesses should be able to just “get over it” and that these were not “real” medical issues. Then the day came when my brother, who typically was a happy and productive person, could not get out of bed. A few days turned into a few weeks and I started to become very concerned.

   My brother could not just “snap out of it” and his situation was very real. He was then diagnosed with depression. At that moment, I realized that if my brother had just been diagnosed with cancer or diabetes, I would be there to support him. And this was no different…My brother needed a treatment plan and I needed to educate myself about mental illness.

   A few months later I found Employment Options and today my brother is recovering and doing well. The staff and members have helped my brother become less isolated and gain the confidence to get back into the workforce. They have taught me that recovery is possible and those with mental health conditions should receive the same compassion as those with any other illness. I now volunteer at EO and will share my story with anyone who will listen.

   I ask you to consider donating to help Employment Options continue to provide the vital recovery services for people like my brother and to help change the way we ALL think about mental health. I will never say to someone “get over it” again….

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