A superhero's call for connectivity

The pandemic has taught us many things, but the most important are the relationships and connectivity beyond the four walls of any building. Employment Options has successfully built a virtual online program to reach our existing members. Our annual appeal embraces the "new norm" with a sustainable hybrid model that addresses the needs of those who want to come back along with those who choose to stay virtual.

We are building the foundation for a virtual clubhouse by focusing on three goals:

Technology & Connectivity

Our goal is to provide 10 tablets/smart phones along with one year of a data plan/wifi to those young adult members who are currently unable to come to the club and cannot afford this critical necessity during isolation.

Young adults need flexible communication strategies in order to feel heard and understood. Our years of working with young adults show us that communicating through text messaging and social media at random times during the day is more effective than scheduling weekly meetings. Ensuring they have the tools necessary to communicate is key.

Staff Development

Our goal is to provide professional development and training to 5 key staff members.

We will offer HYPE Helping Young Adults on their Pathway to Employment. This training focuses on assisting young adults affected by mental illness with setting life goal plans while identifying strategies for key barriers.

The second training is through Genesis Clubhouse in Worcester, MA. The unique needs and strengths of Young Adult members call for unique approaches where the training focuses on tips, strategies and best practices.

Training & Placement

Our goal is to build and launch a virtual job readiness curriculum aimed at young adults who have minimal employment experience.

We recognize that our young adults need a more organized curriculum to learn and retain information. We will use a professional consultant to research and adopt a virtual platform and develop key content focused on the following:
• Financial skills -  using an ATM, opening a checking account, setting a budget
• Job readiness - How to build a resume, apply for jobs and how to dress for an interview
• Career Planning – Career exploration, educational needs and long term goals

Our members are stronger when they're connected. Be our mental health superhero and answer the call for connectivity.
The Virtual Clubhouse in action!