Where's hope?

Hope is found at Employment Options through support, relationship building and encouragement.  

Many young adults find that their mental health journey to recovery is not smooth, but bumpy. For these young adults, the pandemic has increased the feeling of loneliness, and the feeling of being disconnected, which exacerbates depression, anxiety, and low self-esteem, sleep disorders, and stress.

Hope reaches out to find young adults like:

Ben, 19, is enrolled in college, where he plays football and is having feelings of anger. He is under an extreme amount of pressure about his future, which is causing him to lose sleep.

Nia, 29, is working as a shift leader at a national retail chain and has a growing inability to cope with daily life. She is thinking about quitting her job and is battling unexplained physical ailments.

Caleb, 26, is working as a prep cook and has recently lost custody of his daughter. He is experiencing a high level of anxiety, which is leading to feelings of guilt and shame, making it difficult for him to maintain his sobriety.

Hope’s tools of the trade:

Virtual connectivity through iPads to access support from home, school or work.

Roadmaps to create comprehensive plans for next steps in their education to enable them to live self-sufficient lives.

Transportation to work, school and medical appointments.

Employment training such as classroom instruction, career exploration, on-the-job training and job placement.

By donating today, you will be supporting Employment Options' programs that offer a wide variety of recovery opportunities that are critical to our young adults' success.

 covers employment sector training for 2 clubhouse members.

covers the cost of transportation to work for 3 clubhouse members for 2 months.

covers the cost of a year membership to LYNDA Learning (Linked In Learning)  for 3 clubhouse members.

creates a comprehensive education roadmap for 1 clubhouse member.

offsets the cost of a week's worth of meals at our clubhouse for 1 member.