Who We Are

A Mental Health Community

Our Mission

Employment Options empowers individuals and families in mental health recovery to thrive in their communities.

Our Vision

Through employment, education, and advocacy programs we inspire people living with mental illnesses to reclaim their lives by discovering their own potential, skills and gifts.


  • Develop groundbreaking programming
    to provide opportunities for individuals to live a life of self-respect, compassion and dignity.
  • Give a voice
    to each individual we support, by truly understanding their experiences and struggles. This can shift feelings of isolation and despair into feelings of community and hope for the people we serve.
  • Collaborate
    with other mental health professionals, community leaders, religious leaders, educators and advocates in the MetroWest communities to continue to grow this mental health movement.
  • Initiate dialogues
    with local and state legislators and government officials about mental illness that bring awareness, understanding, and empathy necessary to inspire action and end stigma and discrimination.
  • Provide professional training
    and work experience to unemployed and underemployed young adults, who have a passion for the culinary industry through our social enterprise, Catering Options.

The History of the agency

Employment Options’ rich history goes back to 1967 when we operated as a sheltered workshop addressing the needs of adults with mental illnesses.

In 1988, the clubhouse model, built around voluntary community-based programs, began in Massachusetts.

In 1990, two former service agencies – Better World, and Inman Rehabilitation merged all their sites, rented a new 6,000 square foot facility in Marlborough, and named it Employment Options.

In 2002, as the agency grew, it reached beyond its original mission of serving people with mental illnesses to help all who face barriers to employment by supplying critical workforce development services.

In 2012, our social enterprise, Catering Options launched, and through this innovative program, we provide professional training and work experience to unemployed and underemployed individuals with a passion for food.

In 2022, Employment Options was awarded the Department of Mental Health contract for Compass Clubhouse (Fitchburg, MA), serving 13 towns in North County.

Today, the agency also serves young adults, families, and job-seekers who need career mentoring.

Although our service models and agency name have changed over the years, what has remained constant is the belief that employment is an essential tool for successful mental health recovery.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Employment Options embraces diversity, equity, and inclusion as an organizational value, to make space for positive outcomes to flourish, in direct services and in capacity building for our programs.

We provide transportation.

Through Human Services Transportation (HST), Employment Options provides daily transportation for eligible members to and from our Clubhouses.

For more information on transportation services for Options Clubhouse, click here.

For more information on transportation services for Compass Clubhouse, click here.
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