Get Involved

There are so many ways that you can support Employment Options and the mental health movement!

Volunteer Opportunities

Our volunteers are the foundation of Employment Options. It is with your generosity and support that we are able to improve, grow, and carry out our mission!

A local CPA participates in Skill - Based volunteering at Employment Options in Marlboro, MA.

Corporate Volunteer Opportunities

Our corporate volunteers support Employment Options through clubhouse-focused developmental needs. The most popular are:

Serve food
- Celebrate the Holidays with our members and help us serve meals at our clubhouse. 

Improve the Clubhouse - As all buildings do, our clubhouse requires upkeep and renovations to give our members a safe and comforting environment, so grab your boots and tools and help us landscape, renovate, and expand!

Assist Fundraising Events - We need an extra pair of hands - or a dozen pairs of hands to be exact - to help run our fundraising events. Pass out tickets, manage our auction, and mingle. These events are fun for our guests and volunteers!

Skill-Based Volunteering

Our Skill-Based Volunteer Opportunities help our members just as much as they help your team. Your team donates their skills and expertise to assist our members on personal, and professional development. In the past we’ve had teams of accountants donate their time and knowledge to assist our members on their taxes. 

Skill-based volunteering is not only beneficial to our members, but, also, your team. Our members receive the hard and soft skills from your team of experts, and, in return, your team members strengthen their skills by working side-by-side with our members as if they were clients of your own. 

To learn more about Skill-Based Volunteering and Purposeful Non-Profit Partnerships, please reference Harvard Business Review’s Article: Reimagine Your Corporate Volunteer Program

Sponsorship Opportunities!

We have numerous sponsorship opportunities that arise throughout the year! If you do not see an event listed below, please contact us to see what's upcoming.