July 27, 2022

The Hope Series: Brooke Doyle

Liz Gulachenski, Director of Programs & Services
Liz Gulachenski, Director of Programs & Services

As part of our Hope Series, Shannon Leary, Executive Director, spoke with Brooke Doyle, Commissioner of the Massachusetts Department of Mental Health.  Commissioner Doyle shared new state reforms and initiatives that support adults and young adults with mental health conditions, such as "The Wellness Safari", a new partnership with Franklin Park Zoo. Commissioner Doyle is most excited about Massachusetts’s two peer-to-peer access centers, which have shifted during the pandemic to bring individuals a virtual support hub.

Her work with mental health clubhouses in the state of Massachusetts has been vital to the success of our members, giving them a variety of resources and options to achieve stabilization.

Thank you, Commissioner Doyle, for speaking with Employment Options!